Welcome to the Warren Spouses’ Club!

The Warren Spouses’ Club is so much more than a group of spouses that helps support our local community.  It’s a place to connect, serve those on base and in the city of Cheyenne and enjoy making new friends. So many of our members love the monthly events, the mini clubs, and an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on our community.  This is a true gem of FE Warren and can’t be missed, so come check us out!


Want to get involved? The WSC has a board opening, for the annual fall 5K fundraiser chair! The new 5K Chair will be responsible for planning and executing the 2018 5K, our second biggest fundraiser of the year!

Both of the previous 5K chairs have agreed to help the incoming chair, so you’ll have a ton of support and step-by-step instructions! Message us or email wsc5kchair@gmail.com or wscpresidentfew@gmail.com for more information!

5k chair wanted